Why Hire a Customer Experience Keynote Speaker

Do you need a speaker for your next event, conference, or meeting? Look no further than a customer experience keynote speaker like Blake Morgan to share a motivating and engaging message about how and why to make customers central to every business decision. 

If you want to jumpstart CX efforts across your company, there’s no better way than a customer experience keynote speaker. A customer experience keynote speaker brings their passion for customers and shares valuable case studies, best practices, insights, and motivation for your team. Your audience will walk away feeling motivated and empowered to serve customers and empowered with tools and techniques to deliver amazing customer experiences. 

The beauty of a customer experience keynote is that the message applies to companies across all industries, regardless of your location or customer type. Every company has customers, and every experience and relationship can be improved.

Here are three reasons to hire a customer experience keynote speaker. 

Customer Experience Impacts Everyone

Contact center agents and frontline employees interact with customers every day, but customer experience impacts everyone. Companies with the most satisfied and loyal customers have a customer-centric mindset throughout the organization–including employees who don’t interact with customers daily. When everyone sees the impact of their work on customers, it motivates them to do better, work harder, and stay engaged.

A customer experience keynote speaker teaches everyone about their crucial role in delivering a fantastic experience. The speaker can tailor their message depending on the functions or departments of employees to create a customer-centric message specific to each role. 

Customers are Changing, and Companies Need to Adapt

Customers today are drastically different than they were just a few years ago. Companies can’t simply do what they’ve always done and hope for success. Connecting with modern customers requires a deep understanding of their changing priorities and preferences and a willingness to adapt and innovate. 

But you can’t adapt if you don’t understand customers. That’s where a CX keynote speaker comes in. They can share valuable insights into what customers value and prioritize today, which can set the foundation for an updated customer experience strategy.

Not sure how your customers are feeling? A customer experience keynote speaker will bring current research and insights and motivate you to find the best metrics and feedback loops to stay in touch with customers. 

Improving Customer Experience Boosts the Bottom Line 

And then there’s the money side of it. Improving customer experience dramatically boosts the bottom line–companies that prioritize customer experience grow their revenue 1.7x faster than companies that don’t. Hiring a customer experience keynote speaker is an investment in improving your customer experience that can pay off in long-term improved customer relationships, better sales, and stronger growth opportunities. 

Modern customers demand great experiences. Your company can’t afford not to prioritize customers, and that starts by lighting a fire with a customer experience keynote speaker. 


Called the “Queen of Customer Experience” by Meta, Blake Morgan has shared her passion for customer experience with audiences around the world. A best-selling author and CX futurist, Blake shares insights, current research, stories, and advice to prepare companies to thrive today and as they evolve for customers of the future. Click here to learn more and hire Blake for your next event. 

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