Work with Blake

"Top 40 Global Keynote Speakers"

— Real Leaders Magazine

Blake really brought this topic to life with a compelling and entertaining presentation for my leadership team spurring some great team thinking and discussions.

Donna Morris
Chief People Officer, Walmart

We pioneered a new conference format by creating the world’s first virtual reality customer experience event and Blake was our highest rated speaker!

Dor Danieli
Director of Marketing, NICE

Blake brought energy, insight, and inspiration – Blake delivers brilliantly, speaks from the heart, and provokes insightful discussions.

Leigh Segall
Chief Strategy Officer, Smart Communications

Blake’s expertise, knowledge, and ability to connect with our entire staff was valuable and left a profound impact on our organization.

Atif Elkadi
Deputy CEO, Ontario International Airport

Blake delivered an impactful speech and left our leadership team with inspiring ideas we could apply to our own manufacturing business.

Mark Anzelc
VP Supply Chain, ParkerHannifin

At our Norway event Blake was a pleasure to work with, delivered the presentation with a high level of professionalism, and received outstanding feedback from attendees.

Kristin Haug
Program Manager, Tekna

She’s a storyteller at heart and engages audiences with great examples of customer experiences from both the consumer and employee’s standpoint.

Lisa Pintchman
VP Communications, Pega

Blake’s belief that companies should use empathy to make customer-centricity a key tenet of their business strategy hits the larger industry issue of poor customer service on the head.

Gina Perini
President & CEO of Somos, Inc.

Blake is a true leader in the customer experience space – she is an engaging, insightful, and fun speaker.

Charlie Isaacs
CTO, Salesforce

Many of our customers came up to me after her keynote and identified simple and impactful ways they could apply what Blake taught.

Chris Chumley
President, COO, CampusLogic

Blake has a unique ability to take a complex topic such as how technology is re-shaping the customer experience and break it down for audiences to easily understand and implement.

Matt Banaszynski
CEO, Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin

Blake painted a picture of the importance of a winning customer experience leveraging examples that resonated with our attendees.

Peter Davey
EVP Head of Product Innovation & Labs, The Clearing House

The Queen of Customer Experience

— meta

Why Work with Blake?

  • Blake is a masterful storyteller that uses real-world examples and research to bring her message of customer-centricity home for the audience
  • She customizes all of her presentations and goes above and beyond for clients
  • She’s relatable, and uses humor to connect with the audience
  • Blake is a customer experience futurist that has a vision for how technology can create a more beautiful and customer-centric world
  • Blake has a ton of real-world experience, working as a customer service leader at a Fortune 100 company
  • Her passion for customer experience is contagious 

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