The 8 Laws of Customer-Focused Leadership

New Rules For Building A Business Around Today’s Customer

In a rapidly changing world filled with uncertainties, one thing remains crystal clear: customers are increasingly fickle and no longer care about loyalty to any particular company. In addition, many well-intentioned companies are falling short of customer expectations, despite every organization’s potential for excellence. The truth is customer experience is not what it used to be. New technologies, values, generational expectations, economic instability, – and the rapid pace of change all must be considered as you forge ahead. How do you put the customer first in the face of all these emerging trends?

"This book is a must-read for leaders who want to transform their organizations into customer-centric powerhouses."

Oscar Munoz
Former CEO and Chairman, United Airlines

Customer experience is a decision leaders must make every day, and this book shows you how:

Trusted by leaders, teams and professionals globally

Donna Morris

Chief People Officer

“Blake’s new book serves as a compass for leaders at all levels, guiding us towards creating unforgettable customer experiences through empathy, innovation, and strategic foresight.”

Sharon Price John

President and CEO
Build-A-Bear Workshop

“Although Build-A-Bear is largely known as customer focused, it still requires consistent reinforcement across the entire organization to assure we keep our guests at the center of our value proposition. Blake’s key insights, real life examples, and clear presentation of the 8 Laws provide a practical approach aligned with many of the core tenants that have proven useful for our company’s overall success.”

Chef Robert Irvine

Author of Overcoming Impossible

“No company can afford to rest on its laurels - Blake’s smart, measured predictions are the keys to staying relevant and profitable in an ever-shifting business landscape. While change is always in the air, the central tenet of this book—that the customer experience must always come first—will never go out of style.”

Tricia Griffith

President and CEO
Progressive Insurance

“In this book, Blake does an extraordinary job of clearly outlining how imperative it is for leaders to be obsessed with serving their customers. Her 8 laws will help any leader and company become a more loved brand.”

Joey Coleman

International keynote speaker and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Never Lose a Customer Again and Never Lose an Employee Again

“Customer experience isn’t an initiative - it’s a way of life. The most successful businesses in the world pair an ethic of customer experience with systems and processes that allow them to deliver remarkable interactions on a consistent basis. If you want a customer-focused organization, Morgan can show you the way.”

Darren MacDonald

Chief Customer Officer

“There is no shortage of companies who espouse the principles of customer centricity, but few live and breathe them to the extent that drives powerful outcomes across their entire business. The 8 Laws lay out a clear case that not only can strong financial outcomes coexist successfully with customer focus; they can accelerate with them.”

Steven van Belleghem

Author of ‘A Diamond in the
Rough’ and CX inspirator

“To achieve an exceptional customer experience, leadership is the cornerstone. Blake has crafted an inspirational and practical guide for those who are, or aspire to be, leaders in customer experience. Recognizing that your customer is the primary source of value for your business, this book serves as a powerful motivator to maintain focus on this critical priority.”

David Cote

Former CEO of Honeywell, Author of
Winning Now, Winning Later

“If every leader 'knows' customer performance is essential, then why are so many companies bad at it or at best mediocre? Blake's book does a great job providing content, not just stories, on how to improve. It applies to every company, not just consumer brands.”

Shawn D. Nelson

Founder and CEO

“As customers evolve from boomers to GenZ and those beyond, ‘customers’ are changing rapidly. Work-from-home, dislocation, and societal forces have reshaped everything from hiring to culture building. Leadership today is a new game. Blake’s 8 Laws are destined to become a reference guide for leaders in this new day and age.”

Eduardo Briceño

Author, The Performance Paradox

“If you want your customers to feel connected to you and to know that you place them at the center of your decisions, The 8 Laws is a valuable playbook. After studying the most esteemed companies and interviewing thousands of executives, Morgan has distilled the essential steps to build a business and brand that customers love.”

Dorie Clark

Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Long Game and executive education faculty, Columbia Business School

“If you're a leader seeking to make customer satisfaction a top priority, this book is your ultimate guide. Blake's framework is a treasure trove of wisdom that will help you create a culture that truly cares about the customer.”

Allan Dib

Bestselling author of The 1-Page
Marketing Plan and Lean Marketing

“An incredible customer experience is your key to rapid growth and business success. In this book Blake lays out the essentials of delivering a world-class customer experience in a simple to understand manner.”

Oscar Munoz

Former CEO and Chairman
United Airlines

“This book is a must-read for leaders who want to transform their organizations into customer-centric powerhouses. Blake's framework is not just a blueprint; it's a masterclass in fostering a culture that revolves around exceeding customer expectations.”