Customer Experience Roundup – January 25th, 2019

These days, convenience is key. No matter if you’re ordering food, talking to a friend or shopping online, you want answers and results right away. Convenience plays a big role in the overall customer experience. When companies make life easier for their customers, they help build goodwill and a better experience. Here are three stories from the news this week that highlight the importance of innovation and convenience.

Uber Announces New Rewards Program

All those Uber rides are about to start adding up to some serious rewards. The popular ride-sharing company just announced a new rewards program in 25 cities. Users earn rewards based on how much they’ve spent on Uber rides and Uber Eats over the last six months. Perks can be things like free cancelation, car upgrades or guaranteed prices for often-visited locations. Uber’s reward program is rather complicated, but the basic gist is that all users will earn points to get $5 rewards. The more users ride, the better status they gain, moving from the basic blue level to gold, platinum and ultimately diamond. The higher your status, the faster you earn points and the better the perks. The program will eventually roll out to all users.

Uber’s rewards program is a huge incentive for users. Instead of comparing availability and price between Uber and other services like Lyft, Uber users are now more likely to always choose Uber so they can get the rewards points. Customers love to feel appreciated, and Uber’s rewards program (although complicated) helps them feel valued while earning great perks.

Starbucks Starts Coffee Delivery Service     

What are two things modern customers love? Coffee and convenience. Starbucks is bringing the best of both worlds with its expanded coffee delivery service through Uber Eats. Starbucks just started the program in San Francisco and will roll it out to more cities in coming weeks. The goal is to have the service at a quarter of its coffee shops.

Customers can order from almost the entire menu through the Uber Eats app. With a $2.49 booking fee, coffee and food is delivered hot to your door or desk. This delivery service is a fantastic idea. It makes it so much easier for customers to get Starbucks coffee in their hands. Convenience is huge for customers, and even with a small delivery fee, I’m willing to bet that customers love this new service.

Amazon Expands To Traffic Management 

Just when you thought Amazon did it all, it’s expanding to a new area: traffic management. Amazon Prime Air aims to create a safer air space for the growing number of drones in the skies. The new system will allow for communication and collaboration between all types of drones from different owners.

Prime Air’s ultimate goal is to make it possible to safely deliver packages to customers in 30 minutes or less. Drones are used for a number of commercial purposes aside from package delivery, plus personal recreational use. The traffic management system is a step in the right direction to get items to customers quickly.

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