Building Better Customer Experiences: An Introductory Course

Last year 75% of companies said customer experience was their number one priority (Crowdsourced Innovation Benchmark Study). So today we can pack up our bags and go home, right? Well it seems that we have our work cut out for us when it comes to fixing customer experience at our companies. Every company today can embark on a customer experience transformation, and I have created a course to get you get started.

It turns out customers will pay more for a better customer experience. In fact another study shows 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience (Walker). There is a gigantic opportunity sitting on the table waiting for companies to take advantage of. It’s called creating powerful customer experiences.

Sometimes you just need to get started – even before you’re ready – and I believe every company today feels they are not yet ready to set out on their customer experience transformation – but they need to!

Today there is much confusion around who drives or owns customer experience. And while one person at the top may influence customer experience, everyone has a hand in shaping it. Whose job is it to improve customer experience? It’s everyone’s job! While they might be the main driver or owner within the company – everyone needs to be thinking about the many ways their role shapes customer experience.

I’m always shocked to find out how many people think customer experience is shaped by customer service. That’s simply not true. Customer experience is shaped by everyone at your company. Simply throwing more resources at your contact center is not going to improve your customer experience.

Customer experience is shaped throughout the company – it’s shaped by the priorities of leadership, by the metrics which are influenced by those priorities, and it’s shaped by the culture.

Most people still struggle to understand the scope of customer experience. What is it? What is my role in shaping it?

The online course I created is called “Building Better Customer Experiences: An Introduction” that anyone can take to immediately get to work on improving customer experience. It’s based on my book More Is More, and draws from a framework I’ve created that encapsulates the ways I believe customer experience is shaped at your company. 

Based on my new book “More Is More: How The Best Companies Work Harder And Go Farther To Create Knock Your Socks Off Customer Experiences,” I have created an easy to understand framework that will enable you to not only understand what makes up customer experience, but how you can systematically improve it. Anyone can gain from taking this course.

In this course I don’t ask you to become a statistician, or throw any complicated formulas at you. I simply help you break down customer experience, and empower you to take tangible steps to fix the customer experience at your company. Whether you are in sales, marketing, customer service, human resources, or finance, you would benefit from using my “D.O.M.O.R.E.” framework to start improving your customer’s experience today.

In this course you will:

  • Gain a modern definition of customer experience
  • Learn the pieces of a powerful customer experience
  • Understand how customer experience is shaped, and what you need to do to influence change at your organization
  • Find out who shapes customer experience – and leadership’s role in shaping it
  • Engage in a hands-on framework will you answer key questions for your own organization and build a solution


“The D.O.M.O.R.E. concept is practical and easy to remember. As a technologist, I most appreciated the principle on “modernizing with technology.”

– Jeff Hursey, Contact Center Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

“”I am a huge believer in we humans over complicate a lot and marketers take that over complicated mindset to a whole new level. It is quite refreshing to see something far too many marketers over complicate – customer experience – and have the message delivered so eloquently and at such a real level.”

– Steve Olenski, Director of CMO Content & Strategy, Oracle

To enroll in this customer experience course you can sign up here. Or email me [email protected] with any questions.

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