The 10 Habits Of Transformational Leaders

A growing number of companies are looking to hire transformational leaders. These are the people who create positive changes in their employees and companies. Transformational leaders are billed as leaders of the future who can help their companies through turbulent times full of change and innovation. But what does it actually mean to be a transformational leader and how can you become one? Here are 10 habits of transformational leaders:

1. They Practice Self-Awareness

With a deep understanding of who they are and what makes them tick, transformational leaders take time to reflect and set daily goals. They thrive on personal growth and are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Transformational leaders are always learning and improving and know that success comes to people who set out to be their best selves.

2. They Work Independently And Self-Manage

Transformational leaders know how to get results without much direction or guidance from other people. Their motivation comes from within, which means they don’t often need outside influences to stay on track and get results.

3. They Motivate And Set The Vision

Success happens as a team, and transformational leaders want everyone along for the ride. They set the vision of what they want to happen and then motivate by words and example. At companies with transformational leaders, core values and goals aren’t just written on posters; they are a part of how the leader acts and what they expect from all employees. A transformational leader’s vision and enthusiasm are contagious, and employees can’t help but get on board and get inspired.

4. They’re Adaptable And Innovative

Transformational leaders look towards the future and aren’t afraid to change what’s been done to set themselves and their companies up for better success. They understand changing business dynamics and find creative and innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve. Transformational leaders never stand still but are always learning and adapting.

5. They Build Networks

Transformational leaders know how to get the most out of their teams. They build connections and network everywhere they go, then they mobilize those networks to get answers, advice and results. Transformational leaders don’t stick to one company or industry. They know that to achieve real change, teams have to break down silos and work together. Transformational leaders tap into everyone’s strengths to build a strong network.

6. They Are Proactive

Transformational leaders don’t wait for change to happen to them—they are the disrupters. They are informed to make proactive decisions that set the tone for others to follow. Transformational leaders aren’t afraid to make bold choices, even if no one else has paved the way.

7. They’re Open-Minded

Although transformational leaders are internally motivated, they’re also open to new ideas and fresh perspectives. They encourage collaboration and entertain new ideas. Transformational leaders don’t jump to conclusions but instead get feedback and ideas from a variety of people before making an informed and strategic decision.

8. They Build Trust

Transformational leaders establish an environment of trust within their organizations. Their employees tend to be fiercely loyal because they know they are trusted. Many transformational leaders are charismatic and lead by example with a positive attitude for the future. Employees at transformational companies know they are appreciated and that they can trust their leaders to be authentic and honest.

9. They Lead With Humility

Everyone knows leaders who are driven by their egos and who are more focused on themselves than the people around them. Transformational leaders are humble and realize they don’t have all the answers. They build a diverse team of people they can trust and move forward quickly. Although they are humble, transformational leaders are also confident in their goals and abilities. They keep their ego in check and do what’s best for the company, not just what’s best for themselves.

10. They Make Difficult Decisions

Transformational leaders don’t back down from challenges and tough decisions. They’re confident in their abilities and their teams and stick to their vision to guide the company. Delaying difficult decisions or being timid can cripple a company, so transformational leaders march forward with purpose.

Transformational leaders embrace the future and want to bring everyone with them on the path to change and success. These habits and characteristics are vital to future leaders and people who will lead the charge of coming changes.

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