Customer Experience Predictions: 15 Years Out

Customer experience is always evolving, and it is interesting to imagine what it will look like in the future. We’ve already considered trends that will be prevalent in five years, so now let’s jump 15 years ahead and imagine the customer experience potential. The seeds of many of the things that will become prevalent in that time are already being planted in our current customer trends and experiences.

1. Wallets. We carry around wallets with multiple credit cards, a drivers license, insurance cards, and more everywhere we go, and it can be a huge nuisance to people. Wallets are already outdated, and in 15 years we should have the technology to replace them entirely. Instead of the safety risks and frustration of toting around a wallet, we’ll be able to do everything digitally from our phones. Identification processes will all be digital, which will make things more efficient and secure.

2. Green living. How companies and individuals live and work has a huge impact on the environment, and we’ll continue to see that made manifest in coming years. More companies will make a bigger push to use green technology and create environmentally friendly alternatives to their current products and processes. Technology will play a huge role in this, especially when it comes to self-driving cars. Urban areas around the world with huge populations will be able to get rid of a lot of their congestion and environmental issues by using self-driving cars and getting a large number of traditional cars off the road. With new technology, people in places like Bejing won’t be subjected to five hours of commuting every day.

3. Younger generations’ purchasing. In the next 15 years, we’ll be able to see the buying habits of younger people spread in popularity. Young people realize that it is hard to buy a house, especially in places where there isn’t enough supply and the cost is just too high. However, this generation doesn’t connect its identity to its possessions, which means there is less of a stigma about not actually owning things. In the future, we’ll see more people renting cars and houses instead of buying, and they will be ok with that. This will be especially prevalent in cities, which are sure to see more growth in coming years.

In order to lead the pack in customer experience in the future, companies need to start now to be prepared. Focusing on these three key areas will help brands set the stage for the future and stay ahead of customer trends.


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