How David’s Bridal Transformed To Serve Digital Customers

The bridal industry is steeped in tradition. But modern brides require a modern, digital customer experience. As the bridal world evolves, industry leader David’s Bridal knew it needed to transform to meet customers where they were.

Chief Merchandising Officer Nancy Viall put it this way: “A key focus for us this year has been on reimagining our brand architecture and exploring niche opportunities to expand our product offering to our customers.”

Instead of only selling wedding dresses, David’s Bridal aims to meet customers earlier in the planning process and expand to better meet brides’ needs.

Online and App Planning Tools

Today’s brides plan their weddings online by browsing Pinterest and social media before setting foot in a store. David’s Bridal created a digital experience to be with customers every step of the journey.

David’s Bridal unveiled a host of digital wedding planning tools like apps with checklists and virtual vision boards that brides can create and share with family and friends. The brand also rolled out virtual styling services where brides create and share a mood board and invite their family and bridesmaids to the Zoom session to create a fun vibe and share dress opinions—just like they would experience in a store.

Similarly, David’s Bridal shifted to increase its social media presence, which is a go-to place for wedding planning. It realized its greatest resource was already in store: its stylists and alterations artisans. David’s Bridal encourages its employees to be TikTok content creators. And that focus paid off: in just eight months, the brand went from 25 million hashtags on TikTok to 200 million.

AR Try On

David’s Bridal virtual try-on services started as a Covid measure when stores were closed, but customers loved it so much that it is now a cornerstone of the digital experience. The hybrid experience combines traditional shopping with AR so customers can virtually try on clothes—ranging from wedding gowns to bridesmaid dresses—from the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual try-on helps brides feel comfortable with the wedding dress experience and explore potential styles and visions for their big day. Seeing a dress on themselves helps customers feel confident in their purchases: the conversion rate for purchases is 67% higher for customers who use David’s Bridal AR technology.

AI-Powered Concierge Bot

One of David’s Bridal’s largest transformations was in its AI bot Zoey, which it unveiled in 2020. Zoey helps customers schedule appointments, track their orders, and connect with a human stylist for dress recommendations.

Aside from quick digital service, Zoey has also transformed the internal workings of the store. Since rolling out the bot, contact center operating costs have dropped by more than 30%. Zoey shifted 30% of appointment booking phone traffic out of stores, which gives employees more time to focus on delivering a personalized in-person experience.

David’s Bridal shows that every brand can benefit from digital transformation. Innovative, customer-focused digital tools improve the experience and the bottom line.


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