3 CX Opportunities In The Future Of AI And Automation

AI affects every aspect of our lives, from romantic and personal relationships to finances, personal care, and employment.

But AI and automation also provide incredible opportunities to take your CX efforts to the next level and lead a wave of new technology.

Orly Lobel, author of The Equality Machine, says AI and automation can play a pivotal role in increasing equality and changing how people interact and manage all parts of their lives. 

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Here are three CX opportunities in the future of AI and automation:

Overcome Bias

Everyone has biases, either conscious or unconscious. Even the most well-intentioned people are often biased in how they treat employees and customers, which can impact performance evaluations, customer interactions, and a brand’s reputation. But because AI doesn’t have the natural prejudices of the human brain, it can help companies realize and overcome their biases to create an equal experience for everyone. When companies realize they don’t provide a comparable experience, they can create opportunities for under-represented groups and overcome their biases.

Balance Personalization and Privacy

Modern customers demand two often opposing things: personalization and privacy. Lobel calls it the paradox of privacy—customers want companies to use their information to customize the experience, but they also don’t want their personal data falling into the wrong hands. Research finds that people are comfortable giving up a lot of their privacy if they feel they will benefit from it. AI makes better use of data and pinpoints the most useful data. It helps brands find the balance and ensure that every customer, including those who are often overlooked or underrepresented, can have a personal experience.

Create More Equality

Beyond simply addressing bias, Lobel says AI and automation have the power to create more equality. AI streamlines data analysis to allow for more transparency and accessibility. One significant opportunity in this area is closing the pay gap. It can be difficult for humans to look at pay data and see patterns without bias, but AI can make connections and show outliers. Similar to companies like Expedia that compare travel costs, Lobel says the market is working towards comparing jobs and salaries so people know their worth and can be paid fairly.

Brands often think about AI and automation in terms of streamlining the customer experience, but the potential goes far beyond. By leaning into the many opportunities to create real and lasting change with AI, brands can improve all areas of their customers’ lives.


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