3 Secrets to ButcherBox’s Customer Obsession From Chief Product & Experience Officer Lesley Mottla

It takes a lot to stand out in the competitive DTC food delivery market.

But ButcherBox built a competitive advantage by staying true to one of its core values: being customer obsessed. Chief Product & Experience Officer Lesley Mottla says the value isn’t just words on the wall—it’s something leaders and employees are constantly talking about and living. Customer obsession comes up in every job interview, so new employees know where ButcherBox stands.

Customer obsession is woven into ButcherBox’s structure and DNA, but three unique features ensure the value is front and center every day:

Holistic Experience Design 

Mottla says ButcherBox stands out because it is organized around the customer journey, with teams dedicated to every step. The company follows service design principles of looking at the experience holistically. Dissecting the journey into smaller steps to identify high-impact areas and the best way for customers to move forward creates a cohesive experience where each piece works together to serve customers. 

Dedicated Customer Engagement Team

The experience doesn’t end once customers receive their monthly ButcherBox shipment. A dedicated engagement team helps customers get the most out of their ButcherBox membership so they stick with the company. This team provides personalized experiences with recipe recommendations, cooking tips, and more to continually show customers the value they get from ButcherBox.  

Focus on Customer Metrics

Insights and metrics are crucial to understanding customers and continually improving the experience. Mottla calls her team the glue that ensures everyone in the company understands what’s happening with customers. ButcherBox reviews high-level metrics during all-hands meetings to involve all employees, and each team also has unique metrics they track closely. Mottla also adds qualitative research to understand the emotions and behaviors behind the numbers and see the complete picture of what is causing customers to act a certain way.

Customer obsession requires continual effort from the entire organization. ButcherBox has built a group of incredibly loyal customers because it understands the holistic experience, delivers personalized service, and continually tracks metrics to improve. When everyone lives by the value of being customer-obsessed, the focus spreads through the organization and becomes a solid competitive advantage.


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