Designing Customer Experiences With JPMorgan Chase's Chief Design Officer Kaaren Hanson

Designing Customer Experiences With JPMorgan Chase’s Chief Design Officer


As technology reshapes how we live and work, our expectations for banking are changing too. Convenience and personalization are becoming the new normal. JPMorgan Chase is injecting a dose of digital delight, with Chief Design Officer Kaaren Hanson mapping out and curating the digital customer experience for Chase customers.

Hanson’s background in social psychology and her proven track record at Intuit, Facebook, and Wells Fargo make her more than just a designer. Her current focus lies on ensuring seamless alignment between the “quad” – technology, data & analytics, product management, and design – in tackling customer problems. She seeks to establish clear metrics to assess the impact of their solutions.

At Chase, Kaaren fosters a collaborative environment where diverse teams – data analysts, tech innovators, and design visionaries – synergistically co-create seamless customer journeys. She prioritizes a deep understanding of core customer needs, akin to a bespoke tailor meticulously crafting the perfect suit for each individual. This human-centric focus ensures every interaction resonates with genuine value and fosters enduring trust.

While focused on immediate improvements, Kaaren also sows the seeds for a future banking experience that caters to ever-evolving customer needs. Her vision seamlessly blends quick wins with long-term strategies, ensuring Chase stays ahead of the curve. Hanson’s approach goes beyond mere transactions; it’s about forging trust and delighting customers at every touchpoint. From effortless digital banking to personalized branch visits, she crafts a banking experience that feels human, intuitive, and, dare we say, even enjoyable.

By putting humans at the heart of every decision, Kaaren is taking actions in reshaping how millions experience banking, one thoughtful interaction at a time.

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