Optimize Your Contact Center And Improve Customer Service With AI Technology_JasonFinkelstein

Optimize Your Contact Center And Improve Customer Service With AI Technology


Most discussions on revolutionizing customer service in the digital age highlight the importance of technology and personalization. Jason Finkelstein, the Chief Marketing Officer of Gladly, shares how Gladly stands out as the only customer service platform built around people, not tickets, emphasizing personalized, seamless interactions at scale.

Gladly is helping brands like Nordstrom and Warby Parker to build modern customer support teams that leverage the power of AI to offer unprecedented levels of personalized service.

He emphasizes that Gladly is the only customer service platform in the world that is built architected around people and not tickets. “Gladly’s software and interface treats customer conversations with brands as part of sort of a single lifelong relationship that has context, that has memory. We do that to truly deliver on the promise of being customer centric. We help brands connect more deeply with customers to build greater customer loyalty.”

Jason adds, “When customers love your brand, they purchase more frequently, have higher average order values, and are more likely to tell other people about their great experience with the brand. The customer experience doesn’t have to be limited to just ‘I love this product’ but can also include ‘I had a great experience with the brand, including customer service.’”

Jason’s vision for Gladly and the future of customer support is clear: it’s about embracing the latest in AI technology while keeping human connections at the core of every interaction. The customer experience can extend beyond simply loving a product to encompassing a great experience with the brand as a whole, including exceptional customer service.

For brands looking to stay ahead in the competitive landscape of retail, adopting a customer-first platform like Gladly could be the key to unlocking deep customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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