Secrets Behind Discover’s Award-Winning Digital Experience

In the competitive financial services industry, delivering convenient, customer-centric solutions can be a significant competitive advantage. And that’s exactly the case for Discover, which ranked highest in customer satisfaction for a credit card mobile app and website by J.D. Power.

Shaida Lynch, SVP, eBusiness, says one driver of Discover’s high customer satisfaction was pivoting the app from being product-centric to customer-centric. The Discover team put itself in customers’ shoes to consider what they want to see in an app. It updated the design to include all of a customer’s accounts on one page instead of having to log out or toggle between apps for credit card and bank information. The entire experience has a similar look, making it efficient for customers to see all their credit card and banking information in one place.

Creating a relationship-based digital experience is a win for customers and the brand. Customers are more engaged and can easily track and manage their finances. They can also see everything Discover offers and open new accounts and relationships. And Discover has a more complete view of each customer to provide seamless, personalized service and recommendations.

Another reason for Discover’s strong digital experience is its focus on empowering customers to take control of their data. Discover recently rolled out Online Privacy Protection, a free service that automatically scans and deletes customers’ personal information from search sites. The feature doesn’t directly relate to the credit card, but it meets a need that customers care about and shows that Discover is in tune with what customers want in a digital experience. In just the first few months, Discover has removed more than 20 million records.

An effective digital experience is continually evolving. Discover tracks numerous metrics about customers’ online and app experience, but Lynch says one of the most critical data points is breakage. The goal is for customers to complete what they wanted to do in their original session, so if customers start something online and end up having to call the contact center, it highlights room for improvement in the app. Discover always wants to understand friction points to make the user experience more efficient for customers.

Shaida Lynch says an excellent digital experience comes from ensuring customers have everything they need to manage their accounts, get answers, and feel confident in the process.

Listening to customers and providing a digital experience that’s convenient, secure, and accessible builds trust with the brand. Discover shows that putting customers first leads to loyalty and strong customer satisfaction.  

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