The Future of Streaming: Roku's Role in Shaping Customer Experience-Sarah Monahan

The Future of Streaming: Roku’s Role in Shaping Customer Experience


The future of streaming is shaping a new horizon for customer experience. With its focus on data-driven personalization and interactive features, Roku is well-positioned to play a key role in shaping the future of the streaming world.

Bridging the gap between viewers and brands, Sarah Monahan, U.S. Head of Verticals at Roku, reimagines how streaming ads can shape a whole new customer journey.

Roku emphasizes their deep understanding of their streaming customers, which enables them to offer targeted advertising solutions and help brands reach their ideal audience more effectively.

In the B2B arena, Roku’s influence is transformative, offering advertisers a platform to reach an extensive audience, spanning over half of U.S. households. One of their biggest advantages is the understanding of the streamer that Roku has. Roku’s precision in targeting through its data-centric advertising model enables brands to launch highly effective ad campaigns, reaching the right audience with ease.

Sarah highlights in the podcast, “Our goal is to spend at least 50 percent of our time as a consultant to our customers. It’s our responsibility to educate our marketers on what this shift looks like, what pockets it’s happening in, how quickly it’s happening, what it looks like by demographic, what it looks like by content genre. And because we sit on that wealth of data, we are in a position to be able to educate them and it’s absolutely our responsibility to help them understand the shifts, and then more interestingly, the behaviors that exist.”

Listen to this week’s episode of The Modern Customer podcast as Sarah Monahan highlights how Roku is redefining the streaming experience, blending personalized content, insightful data utilization, and innovative advertising strategies. This approach not only positions Roku at the forefront of the streaming industry but also ensures a future where both brands and viewers find value, engagement, and satisfaction in every interaction.

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