to the Customer Experience Futurist Forum (CEFF)

Blakes’ Free group for Customer Experience leaders!

I started my career building an online community in 2007 for customer relationship leaders. The language has changed a lot since then, as well as the awareness of how powerful customer experience is for a business. Since 2007 I’ve worked at all kinds of companies, and even held a role of customer service leader at Intel.

Through the Customer Experience Futurist Forum (CEFF) I aim to solve a major gap in the industry; an easy to access forum where customer experience leaders can get the support they need. CX leaders are under-resources and understaffed, and through the group we help one another with the tough role of being change agents, pursuing more customer-centric strategies for our businesses.

The Customer Experience Futurist Forum is a private community of like-minded customer experience leaders and practitioners linked by a shared interest in creating customer-centric experiences.

Anything shared in this online group must remain in this group. We meet Wednesdays at 9:30am PST on zoom! 

By Signing Up For This Community You Will: 

  • Join a weekly video call with other CX leaders and Blake to discuss pressing CX matters
  • Watch monthly presentations from special guests
  • Get certified in The Customer Of The Future course inclusive of a certification you can post to LinkedIn
  • Enjoy direct access to the private LinkedIn Group where you can connect with peers, share information, and make new friends