3 Use Cases Of Artificial Intelligence For Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence is a buzzword across nearly all industries, and there’s lots of talk about how it can transform customer experience. But how can AI play a role in customer experience, and what does it actually look like when it’s put into action? The possibilities may be endless, but many of them boil down to three main ideas.

1. Many Customers Enjoy Chatbots And Virtual Assistants

First, customer service chatbots and virtual assistants can turn everyday tasks into simple commands. We’re already surrounded by these virtual assistants in the form of Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple’s Siri and more. These devices can do anything from set appointments to create shopping lists and forecast the weather. Taking it one step further, many companies have created tasks with existing virtual assistants and chatbots so their customers can streamline their interactions with the brand. Capital One allows customers to access their bank accounts through Alexa, and Liberty insurance company makes it easy for customers to check the status of their claims through Google Home. Instead of having to waste time on the phone, customers can now communicate with simple voice or text commands. These devices are time-saving and help companies keep up with customers’ busy lives. The abilities and power of these devices will only continue to grow as the technology evolves.

2. The Use Of Personalization Improves Customer Experience

Personalization is also a huge advantage to AI in customer experience. Modern customers expect offers to be tailored to their needs—a blast email with a general offer won’t appeal to nearly as many people as a targeted offer that directly addresses what a customer is looking for. But creating those personalized experiences is difficult and time-consuming for humans. AI and machine learning can sift through millions of pieces of information to find out exactly what matters to customers to create a personalized experience.

3. Customer Insights Bring Important Findings For Businesses 

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