Customer Experience Is A Decision


People often refer to customer experience as a discipline. But it’s more than that—customer experience is a decision.

No matter where you are in your career, customer experience is a decision to wake up and care about customers, influence change and create a better world.

Customer experience is constantly changing and isn’t something you can check off your list once. You have to decide to show up every day and carry the energy with you to go above and beyond.

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Here are four things you need to do to show you’ve decided to lead with CX:

  1. Get feedback. You can’t be successful without feedback. You have to understand what is and isn’t working and dig deep to find and solve customer pain points.
  2. Walk in your customers’ shoes. Succeeding at customer experience starts with knowing what customers are going through. Practice empathy as you walk through every step of the experience to discover vibe killers and roadblocks.
  3. Practice accountability. You can’t make excuses—you have to hold yourself accountable and be internally motivated. Don’t be afraid to put in the work to create an experience you’re proud of. It won’t be easy, but challenges are what bring the biggest accomplishments.   
  4. Iterate, iterate, iterate. Once you’ve gotten feedback, practiced empathy and developed accountability, evaluate if those changes made any progress. Constantly ask yourself what you need to shift and what can be tweaked or improved to create an even better experience. You need to be flexible and nimble to create experiences that are always relevant to customers.

Customer experience is a decision. You have to work like you have skin in the game and decide daily to care more and do more.


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