“I Feel Supported By Management” – United Flight Attendants Rate Their Bosses Via NPS

  • United Airlines flight attendants created their own version of NPS. Flight Attendant Promoter Score (FPS) shows their thoughts on management.
  • Employee experience is the basis of customer experience and leads to strong revenue growth.
  • Employees are valuable customers and are giving themselves a voice to show their frustrations.

For many companies, NPS is the Holy Grail of CX metrics: the ultimate number that determines whether or not they are succeeding. Now, employees are turning that metric back on the company as a way to give brutal real-time feedback and remind management that they are customers too.

Flight attendants have the opportunity to provide feedback on the following statements:

  1. I feel my contributions to our airline are valued
  2. I am able to trade my pairings/Reserve days with open time/pool
  3. I feel supported by management
  4. My contact with crew scheduling is timely and my issues are resolved
  5. Management is responsive to my needs during irregular operations

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