Customer Experience Roundup, April 30, 2019

This week in customer experience was dominated by Amazon. The company’s big announcement made waves through all industries and showed how customer demands are changing for quick service and convenience. Here are the top stories from this week in customer experience.

Amazon To Offer One-Day Prime Shipping

If you thought two-day shipping was good, things are about to get even better. During its first quarter earnings call, Amazon announced that free one-day shipping will soon be standard for Prime. One-day shipping won’t roll out everywhere at once; instead, Amazon will add zip codes over the next few quarters as it continues to expand its supply chain and infrastructure. The move won’t come cheap, as Amazon has already invested heavily in its delivery operations and plans to spend $800 million more next quarter.

Amazon’s one-day shipping is a game-changer for e-commerce. Amazon currently offers same-day delivery in select cities, but it costs extra, even for Prime members. Giving free next-day shipping to customers around the country is a bold move, but one that could make its customers even more loyal because of the convenience and reliability.

Walmart and Target Feel The Heat Of Amazon’s Announcement

Amazon’s bold move to free one-day shipping for Prime members can be seen as a direct challenge to Target and Walmart, its main competitors. Both stores have invested millions of dollars in their supply chains in the last few years to be able to confidently offer two-day shipping to compete with Amazon Prime. Now, they’ll have to work even harder to keep up. The day after Amazon’s big announcement, Target shares dropped 6% and Walmart shares fell 2%, while Amazon’s shares were up nearly 3%. Customers want their items quickly, and soon even two-day shipping won’t cut it. Other retailers will have to step up and likely spend even more money to catch up to Amazon.

Amazon reaches more than half of American households every day, which is a staggering number when compared to other retailers. It already has a huge advantage of a solid logistics brand and wide range of products. Clearly, Amazon is focused on delivering amazing, quick service to customers. It sets the standard for e-commerce, and other brands will have to adapt or risk getting left behind.

Abusive Teller Machines Highlights Dangers Of Financial Abuse

Customers hoping to get cash from Allied Irish Bank ATMs were in for a surprise when they were faced with a passive aggressive machine that seemed a little too interested in their financial activity. The Abusive Teller Machine was installed to raise awareness about financial abuse, a prevalent issue for women in Ireland and around the world. When customers went to take out money, the machine asked them what they needed it for and if they were telling the truth. Customers were surprised by the machine and even more surprised to learn that 10% of adult women in Ireland suffer from financial abuse.

This unconventional approach to an important issue shows the crucial role brands can have in spreading awareness and sharing a message. The abusive machines showed that easy access to your own money can’t be taken for granted. AIB took a stand and made a big impression with customers.

From free shipping to taking a stand, companies often need to make big moves to solidify their customer experience and lead the way in the ever-changing retail landscape.

Blake Morgan is a keynote speaker, futurist and author of two books, “The Customer Of The Future” and “More Is More.” Sign up for her weekly customer experience newsletter here.

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