Customer Experience Roundup – March 18, 2019

Technology is the heart of the modern customer experience. It’s constantly evolving and can be used to create amazing experiences that connect customers with brands. However, when it isn’t used properly, technology puts customers and their trust at risk. Here are three examples from the week that show the power of technology in customer experience.

Game Of Thrones Offers Interactive Experience To Take Fans’ Blood

There’s a lot of blood on Game of Thrones—and now fans can add their own. Before the premiere of the show’s final season, it launched an interactive experience at SXSW in partnership with the American Red Cross. The event allowed guests to donate blood and then walk in the steps of the characters to relive their sacrifices. With actors in costume, props from the set and activities straight from the show, the event truly allowed fans to step into Game of Thrones and experience what it’s like in real life.

This event shows the power of experiences. People crave the chance to interact with a brand or show in a unique way and really step into a different place or time period. Connecting the experience to a charitable cause like a blood drive can also improve the experience and create goodwill towards the brand.

600,000 Customers At Risk After Michigan Data Breach

It seems like a week doesn’t go by without another large data breach. This time it was a breach of personal information from Wolverine Solutions Group in Michigan. Hackers could have access to personal and financial information from more than 600,000 patients at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Health Alliance Plan and other healthcare providers. Wolverine Solutions Group mailed letters to everyone who was impacted and doesn’t believe personal information was actually taken. As a precaution, the company is advising customers to keep a close eye on their financial and credit card information.

With so many data breaches these days, all companies need to have a plan in place of what to do. It’s almost a matter of when, not if. Sending letters and alerting customers is the least you can do. If possible, companies should provide identity protection services and other resources.

Accenture Showcases AR and VR At SXSW

Accenture Interactive is taking advantage of its large stage at SXSW to highlight new AR and VR technology. The new technology does things like help customers pick out the right pair of earrings and create 3D renderings of home renovations. There are even scent-infused VR product integrations. Accenture realizes that the customer journey is changing, and giving customers multiple ways to connect with the brand in a fun, interactive way helps build strong relationships.

Accenture is definitely taking the right approach, and SXSW is the perfect place to be creative with technology. It’s hard to catch the attention of customers, and VR and AR is a great way to stand out and show what a company’s products are all about.

Modern technology brings opportunities and challenges. Keeping customers’ data safe can be difficult, but using the technology to build unique experiences is a powerful opportunity. Brands need to have security measures in place and leverage new technology to create amazing experiences.

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