20 Examples Of Machine Learning Used In Customer Experience

A system that remembers customers’ preferences, can understand speech and text and that learns the more it’s used—that’s the magic of machine learning. Machine learning is used to understand customers, drive personalization, streamline processes and create convenient and memorable customer experiences. Here are 20 examples of machine learning in action.

Learn How Machine Learning Can Be Leveraged In Customer Experience

1. Disney

Guests at Disney parks use MagicBand wristbands as room keys, tickets and payment. The wristband collects information of where the guests are in the park to recommend experiences and even route people around busy areas.

2. Progressive

The insurance company uses telematics to track its customers’ driving habits and history, which helps predict their risk of being in an accident and powers more accurate and personalized policies.

3. Burberry

Burberry’s luxury accessories are some of the most counterfeited in the world. The company uses image recognition to scan just a small section of a purse and determine its authenticity based on the pattern, texture and weaving.

4. American Express

AmEx detects fraud in real time by quickly analyzing millions of transactions to pinpoint which charges aren’t real. The quick service means customers can resolve the problem almost instantly.

5. Netflix

The streaming giant recommends shows based on each viewer’s preferences, demographics and watch history. Seventy-five percent of what people watch comes from recommendations.

6. North Face

The outdoor gear brand uses a machine learning-powered personal shopper to help customers find the perfect coat. Simply type in where you’re going, answer a few questions and get recommendations for the best gear.

7. BMW

The more you drive an AI-enhanced BMW, the more it learns about you. The car uses machine learning to automatically adjust the systems and cabin experience for each driver.

8. Yelp

Yelp users spend more time looking at photos than anything else. The review site uses machine learning to categorize its pictures so that users can easily see what’s most important to them.

9. HubSpot

HubSpot uses machine learning to pinpoint its B2B customers’ trigger events, like new leadership or structural changes. It uses that data to pitch services that match each customer’s growth and changes.

10. JPMorgan Chase

The bank streamlines correspondence with machine learning that analyzes documents and extracts important information. Instead of taking hours to sort through complicated documents, customers can now have information in seconds.

11. Starbucks

The app remembers each customer’s favorite drinks and is tailored to their preferences so that everyone has a unique and convenient experience. Customers can easily order their favorite personalized drinks via mobile.

12. Nike

When customers design their own shoes in store, they’re doing more than just creating the perfect pair of sneakers. The program also collects information to recommend other shoe styles they might like.

13. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters’ automated product identification process labels each product based on detailed characteristics like print, neckline and fit, which makes it easier for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

14. MedWhat

Instead of waiting for a doctor, users can chat with the MedWhat chatbot any time of day or night. The bot uses machine learning to provide accurate diagnoses and treatment options.

15. Instagram

Machine learning is huge for targeted advertising on Instagram, but it also helps delete offensive comments by looking for patterns and certain words. Deleting spam and recommending relevant images keeps the experience fresh and personalized.

16. Uber

The ride-sharing service is driven by data. Algorithms use data from previous rides to match riders and drivers and determine how long it will take for drivers to arrive. The system gets smarter the more it is used.

17. TechCrunch

The TechCrunch chatbot makes it easy to keep up with tech news. The bot tracks the articles each person reads and delivers new articles they would like. It helps narrow down the overwhelming amount of information available.

18. Amazon

A staggering 35% of Amazon sales come from recommendations. The website tracks each customer’s viewing and purchase history to find just the right products to recommend.

19. Pinterest

Have a recipe to share or a craft to create? Pinterest’s algorithms use machine learning to connect users with other content that might interest them while also removing spam and irrelevant posts.

20. Wells Fargo

Customers can easily get quick information through the AI-powered chatbot. Instead of filling out long forms, a quick chat with the bot can connect to account details or maintenance.

Machine learning’s many applications make it a powerful tool in creating amazing customer experiences.

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