Customer Experience Roundup, April 9, 2019

Science fiction movies have always made predictions about the future. By the year 2019, would there be flying cars, robots or a world run by computers? In many cases, these technology predictions are actually coming true—at least to some degree. New, forward-thinking technology is transforming customer experience and opening doors for new ways to connect with customers. Here are three news stories from the week that show that the future really is now.

AI Technology Opens Accessibility To Business Predictions

It used to be that only big businesses could access AI predictions for their growth and projections. But new technology from MIT professors called Endor Protocol allows anyone to access AI to analyze large data sets and create accurate business projections. Data is a powerful driver of the modern customer experience, but building out a robust data analytics solution can be expensive and difficult for smaller companies. With Endor Protocol, companies of all sizes and individuals can sort through data for instant, accurate predictions.

This technology democratizes data and creates a more even playing field. Data allows companies to better understand their customers and competition and have a more accurate view of the future. More companies having access to accurate data analytics could transform the customer experience and allow for improved personalization.

First Cashless Coffee Store Opens In Dublin

Dubliners’ morning routine just got a little smoother. Instead of having to wait in line while people rustle up cash for their morning coffee, they can now simply tap their credit card and go. The cashless coffee shop was designed with customers in mind and even allows them to order and pay through the app for faster service. Bear Market Coffee uses secure internet, cloud voice and enterprise-grade Wi-Fi to keep customers’ transactions quick and secure. Many modern customers don’t even carry cash, so the cashless coffee shop is a step in the right direction.

It’s a simple thing to be able to get coffee quicker, but it makes a big difference to customers. Bear Market Coffee’s use of technology to improve connectivity and service sets the stage for similar applications in larger stores. By ensuring that the connection is reliable and secure, customers don’t have to worry about their data being at risk. We’re sure to see more cashless stores pop up in the future.

Facebook Looking For $1 Billion For Cryptocurrency Project

Facebook is everywhere, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the social media giant is embarking on a new project with one of the biggest technology trends: cryptocurrency. According to reports, Facebook is looking to raise $1 billion in venture capital for its cryptocurrency endeavor. One of the main aspects of cryptocurrency is its decentralization, which is why Facebook is going outside the company for funds. There aren’t a lot of details on the project, but most experts predict Facebook Coin will be able to be used across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Facebook’s move into the cryptocurrency world could be great for customers. If done right, it could open the door for easier international and decentralized payments. Cryptocurrency has grown in recent years, and adding Facebook to the mix could cause it to really take off.

There might not be flying cars, but amazing new technology has come remarkably far, even in just the last few years. These stories show that leveraging this technology can create amazing customer experiences.

 Blake Morgan is a keynote speaker, futurist and author of “More Is More.” Sign up for her weekly customer experience newsletter here.

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