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Why Speakers Bureaus Should Pitch Customer Experience Keynote Speeches

When looking for a keynote speaker for a conference, retreat, or presentation, most companies go through a speakers bureau. Instead of finding someone on their own, speakers bureaus connect companies and individuals with a huge variety of professional speakers, from authors to athletes and thought leaders.

But with all the options, the wisest choice for companies is to use a speakers bureau to find a customer-experience keynote speaker. With CX such a hot topic, speakers bureaus need to put their CX experts in the spotlight and pitch them for more engagement.

Customer Experience is a Hot Topic Because it Matters

Customer experience has been on the rise in recent years. Research from Salesforce and Harvard found that customer experience is a top-five business priority, but only 17% of companies consider themselves CX leaders. Clearly, there is incredible demand and a need for improvement. 

Why is customer experience such a hot topic for modern business leaders? Because of its ROI and value. Companies that prioritize customer experience grow their revenue 1.7x faster than companies that don’t. Focusing on customer experience creates a competitive advantage and is directly linked to increased loyalty, sales, and growth.

Customer experience becomes even more crucial during challenging economic times. Modern customers aren’t as loyal as they once were, and experience is often the deciding factor in who they do business with. 86% of customers will leave a brand after just two bad experiences. Building strong relationships to keep customers around and provide relevant products and experiences as their priorities and needs evolve all comes down to customer experience.

But what does this mean for the company? Everyone, including employees who don’t interact with customers, has a role in creating a cohesive and compelling customer experience. It comes down to the mindset and culture of the company–are leaders and employees focused on providing an excellent customer experience? That effort involves everyone. Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that aren’t.

Everyone Benefits from a CX Keynote

A customer experience keynote is the best way to jumpstart a company’s CX efforts. Whether they are just getting started on the journey to becoming customer-centric, want to update their efforts, or need a better understanding of how customers have changed, a CX keynote is the answer.

Customer experience keynote speakers are engaging and share the most current research and trends, case studies, and best practices. Every employee will walk away invigorated and ready to jump into customer experience head-first. 

Give the people what they want: pitch customer experience keynote speakers! Speakers bureaus have a wide variety of speakers to choose from to pitch to companies and events. At the top of the list of best keynote speakers to pitch for 2023 and beyond should be customer experience professionals. 

Called the “Queen of Customer Experience” by Meta, Blake Morgan has shared her passion for customer experience with audiences around the world. A best-selling author and CX futurist, Blake shares insights, current research, stories, and advice to prepare companies to thrive today and as they evolve for customers of the future. Click here to learn more and hire Blake for your next event.


Blake Morgan is a customer experience futurist and the bestselling author of The Customer of the Future. For regular updates on customer experience, sign up for her weekly newsletter here.

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