30 Top CX Thought Leader Blogs To Follow

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Succeeding as a CX pro–no matter if you’re an executive or just starting your career–requires constantly learning and adapting to new research, trends, and technology. And one of the best ways to do that is through CX thought leaders. These 30 top blogs cover a wide variety of CX-related topics, from creating a customer-centric culture to refining the contact center or delivering personalized experiences. These blogs are powerful resources to keep you up to date on the ever-changing CX industry.

Here are the 30 best blogs for CX professionals listed in alphabetical order by first name:

1 . Adam Toporek 

With an entrepreneurial background, Adam has seen firsthand the impact of CX on companies of all sizes. His blog, Customers That Stick, features interviews with top CX leaders and answers common customer-related questions. 

2 . Adrian Swinscoe 

A former teacher and economist, Adrian is now a consultant, author and speaker. He offers a European perspective on employee and customer engagement and customer focus and shares interviews with top CX leaders. 

3 . Annette Franz 

With more than 30 years of experience in all areas of CX, Annette uses her blog, CX Journey, to help transform business culture to become customer-centric. She shares thoughts and insights on improving all aspects of the customer journey.  

4 . Bill Quiseng 

Bill is a speaker, author and blogger who focuses on customer service for front-line employees and customer-centric leadership for managers. His blog features tactical advice on customer service and the contact center. 

5 . Brad Cleveland 

Brad has worked with companies around the globe and aims to help all brands find lasting customer-centric solutions. His blog has a particular emphasis on contact centers and includes valuable insights and tips. 

6 . Chip Bell 

Author and speaker Chip focuses on delivering fantastic customer service. His blog is a great resource for managers and front-line employees with practical tips to transform the customer service department. 

7 . Colin Shaw 

Colin takes a unique view of CX by looking at the emotional and mental perspectives. His blog, Beyond Philosophy, helps readers understand changing customers and build solid connections and relationships. 

8 . Dan Gingiss 

Dan believes in the connection between CX and marketing and uses his blog to share creative ways to create immersive and amazing experiences. Dan’s tips are both actionable and profitable ways to improve CX. 

9 . Denise Lee Yohn 

Denise is a skilled speaker, author and brand leadership expert. She uses her experience in advertising to help companies create customer-centric brands. On her blog, Denise shares insights and case studies from big brands. 

10 . Donna Weber 

Donna is an author, speaker and customer onboarding strategist. Her tips and strategies are aimed to increase customer retention and lifetime value by educating and enabling customers. 

11 . Flavio Martins 

On his Win the Customer blog, CX and customer service expert Flavio shares practical tips for companies of all sizes to turn CX into a competitive advantage.  

12 . Jay Baer 

On his blog, Convince & Convert, marketing expert Jay shares stories and advice about communicating a brand’s message to connect with customers and build a strong experience.  

13 . Jeanne Bliss 

Known as the “Godmother of CX,” Jeanne brings 35 years of experience transforming businesses. As an author, speaker and podcaster, Jeanne includes case studies and best practices from top brands on her blog. 

14 . Jeannie Walters 

Jeannie has spent more than 20 years experiencing and learning the best and worst in CX. She uses her vast experience to help brands understand customers and personalize the experience. Jeannie shares how-to guides with practical tips, useful interviews and trends on her blog and podcast. 

15 . Jeff Toister 

Jeff is known for his research and advice on creating customer-focused cultures, especially when it comes to customer service. His blog is a companion to his books and includes customer service analysis, tips and trends.

16 . Jill Raff 

Jill grew up working in her family’s McDonald’s restaurant, which taught her the value of hard work. She shares those experiences as she blogs about creating a customer-focused culture and many tactical aspects of CX. 

17 . Jim Tincher 

Author, speaker and CX trainer Jim’s Heart of the Customer blog is dedicated to data and CX technology. He shares information for B2B and B2C customer experience leaders, especially around journey mapping and customer engagement. 

18 . Joseph Michelli 

Speaker, author and consultant Joseph’s mission is to help companies deliver memorable and extraordinary experiences. That comes from transforming workplaces to create strong experiences. Joseph shares case studies and principles from top brands. 

19 . Kate Nasser 

Kate is known as the “People Skills Coach” and focuses on leadership, teamwork and employee engagement. Her blog is a valuable resource for creating a customer-focused culture and preparing for future change. 

20 . Kerry Bodine 

Kerry spent much of her career at Forrester Research and brings expertise in human-centered design, journey mapping and branding to her blog. She shares examples and insights for leaders looking to create innovative experiences. 

21 . Martha Brooke 

Martha uses a unique science-based approach to CX and aims to use data to humanize and deepen the experience. Her blog features tips and training on metrics, data and improving the overall experience. 

22 . Myra Golden 

As a speaker and trainer, Myra provides de-escalation and soft skills training across many industries. Her blog focuses on customer services and provides practical tips on interacting with customers and creating a positive experience in any situation. 

22 . Ross Dawson 

Futurist and strategy expert Ross shares news and case studies from around the world on his blog to help CX pros see what’s happening across the globe. His insights provide a broader lens to guide CX trends and decisions. 

24 . Seth Godin 

Marketing guru and author of 17 books, Seth is the go-to source for all things digital marketing. His blog includes bite-sized thoughts on trends, change and how to deliver a great digital experience. 

25 . Shep Hyken 

Shep is one of the top speakers and authors in the CX world. His blog focuses on customer service and loyalty and shares actionable insights and real-world examples to better understand and serve customers. As a bonus, each post includes a clever cartoon to drive the message home. 

26 . Simon Mainwaring 

Simon is a leading author and speaker about marketing, strategy and business who helps companies create meaningful brand strategies. His blog is an excellent resource for insights and case studies around change management and forward-focused brands. 

27 . Stacy Sherman 

On her blog, Doing CX Right, practitioner Stacy shares her real-world advice on creating authentic and impactful experiences. Stacy comes from a business background and provides insights on humanizing businesses and creating a competitive advantage with CX.  

28 . Steve Curtin 

Steve spent more than 20 years of experience in customer service, training and hospitality management at Marriott and now works as a speaker and trainer. He shares tips for creating amazing experiences and providing top-tier customer service. 

29 . Steve Walker 

Steve is the CEO of a CX management company and uses his blog to share research on creating a customer-focused culture and using resources wisely. Steve is particularly known for his insights on trends, personalization and metrics. 

30 . Steven Van Belleghem

Steven is an author and CX futurist focused on new technology and social responsibility. His blog includes case studies and marketing principles, often from lesser-known companies or new technologies and trends.


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