How To Use A CIO-CMO Partnership To Enable CX

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A strong customer experience strategy involves numerous people and often starts at the top. When leaders and executives are all-in on CX, that mindset extends throughout the organization to create a customer-obsessed culture. 

Two of the most central roles in this approach are the CIO and the CMO. 

In many organizations, the CMO owns or plays a large role in customer experience. But with an increasing demand for personalization and digital solutions, the CIO also has a crucial role to play. When the CMO and CIO work together, that potential grows even greater. 

Why Do The CIO and CMO Need To Work Together?

Modern marketing is dependent on data. Customers receive hyper-personalized experiences and recommendations daily through companies like Netflix and Spotify and have come to expect that same level of service from all companies. But delivering that level of personalization is impossible without a strong understanding of customers and access to their data as it changes in real time.  

Together, the CMO and CIO can work in their areas of expertise to create personalized, technology-driven experiences that meet customers’ exact needs. Without the CIO, the CMO wouldn’t have an arsenal of data and technology to reach customers. Without the CMO, the CIO wouldn’t be able to find the best applications for new technology. Working together, they can create innovative, tailored experiences at scale for modern customers.  

How To Strengthen The CMO-CIO Relationship

Speak the Same Language

Both marketing and technology have their own jargon. It can be difficult to get on the same page with other groups if you aren’t using the same terms or comparing apples to apples. A strong CMO-CIO partnership requires at least a basic understanding of what the other person does, the metrics they use to track progress and common terms and vocabulary. Speaking the same language and using the same terms allows both sides to communicate more clearly and collaborate more effectively. It starts by understanding the other side, asking questions and respecting what they bring to the table. 

Set Common Goals

A successful partnership of any kind requires setting goals together so that you are moving in the same direction. Use the strengths of both the CMO and CIO to set goals of what you can achieve together. It can also be beneficial to include the entire C-suite for a broader view of CX across the entire company and to get everyone on the same page. When setting goals, establish a timeline and KPIs to measure success, as well as a plan for regular check-ins and updates.  

Involve Your Teams

The CMO and CIO are just two people. But when backed by their teams, their influence and manpower increase dramatically. A partnership between the CMO and CIO is really a partnership between the marketing and IT departments. Get the teams involved by sharing the goals with them and giving honest and transparent updates. Make sure that every employee knows the impact of their role and how they influence customers, no matter their position. Cross-functional teams can be incredibly effective in delivering innovative customer experiences because they bring in different viewpoints and areas of expertise. 

Focus On The Bigger Picture

It can be easy for CMOs and CIOs to have tunnel vision for their focus areas. Working together may require a mindset shift and force you out of your normal way of thinking and operating. Focus on the bigger picture of delivering a great customer experience and the possibilities that come from working together. Break down the silos and set the example for your organization for cross-departmental partnerships. A truly customer-centric culture can’t happen until colleagues work together to share information and collaborate. 

A CMO/CIO partnership can be powerful for delivering customer-focused and technology-enabled solutions. When marketing and IT work together, silos are broken down within the company and customers get a richer and more personalized experience.


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