USAA’s Proactive Approach To Major Life Events

  • USAA uses AI to track customers’ life events and proactively reach out with customized service.
  • End-to-end experience design ensures customers are supported through every life change.
  • Proactive outreach and convenient digital tools give customers access to everything they need as their lives change.

Having a baby, buying a home, and retiring are all major life events. And they can bring major stress and uncertainty.

Knowing that people often have questions and need guidance around these significant life events, USAA follows a “Life Events” strategy to design end-to-end experiences around these major events.

USAA leverages AI to find patterns that indicate major life events, such as a deployment or sending a child to college. As customers approach these milestones, USAA meets them with fully mapped out service offerings catered to their needs. When a customer buys a home, USAA is ready with loan information, home insurance, and guidance about the entire process. As customers near retirement, USAA representatives share a library of information, as well as recommend insurance and banking changes for a new stage of life.

USAA is regularly recognized for its amazing customer experience, largely because customers know they will be supported during their biggest life moments. USAA excels in providing empathetic service to be by their customers through changes—both good and bad.

A Holistic Approach

Supporting customers through life events is so crucial that USAA changed its business model away from traditional financial services (such as separating car insurance, homeowners insurance, and retirement accounts) to life events to focus on everything customers need at specific points in their lives. Customers don’t think of their lives in terms of financial products but in events and milestones, and USAA’s strategy reflects a more human approach.

That empathetic approach is clear in USAA’s mission: “When you join USAA, you become part of a family who stands by you during every stage of your life.”

Taking it one step further, USAA recently released an updated app that provides customers with proactive, relevant life-event advice. Customers don’t have to wait until they have a baby or retire to get service because resources are automatically sent to them as the event nears. They can access these resources through the app or website or by talking to a human representative.

It’s one thing to say you know your customers. It’s another to go above and beyond to ease stress around major life events and do it proactively and with empathy. It is no wonder USAA is regularly recognized for its customer experience and has topped Forrester’s Customer Experience Index for years. The company is a leader in personalization and seamless experiences.


Blake Morgan is a customer experience futurist and the author of The Customer Of The Future. Sign up for her weekly email here.

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