Customer Experience Challenges, Trends, and Opportunities with Steven Van Belleghem

Customer Experience Challenges, Trends, and Opportunities with Steven Van Belleghem


In a saturated market, customer experience transcends price and product; it’s the ultimate differentiator. Across the globe, brands are constantly innovating and refining their CX strategies to meet the evolving expectations of their customers. Europe, with its diverse markets and cultural nuances, presents both challenges and opportunities for customer experience (CX) practitioners.

Steven Van Belleghem is a CX influencer, and he has worked with leading companies like Disney, Mercedes, Heineken, and Immersed in customer-centricity thanks to his family’s photography store, Steven learned the transformative power of genuine connection.

Steven highlights in the podcast, “I’m convinced that the more technology the world will see, the more important customer experience will be. And the differentiator won’t be the technology. The differentiator will be your customer mindset and your customer culture. If you look at how you differentiate as a company today, product differentiation is almost completely gone. How many companies win on products? A few, but not that many. How many win on price? Most companies that are listening to us now, don’t want to win on price. They want to have premium pricing. So the only thing left to really differentiate yourself in the market is customer experience because that is something unique. It’s something that people truly value. And it seems to be very, very hard to do that in a strong, personal, authentic way. So if you are capable of making a difference towards your customers, you have the strongest differentiator in the market.

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