2024 Contact Center Transformation With Former TikTok Exec

2024 Contact Center Transformation With Former TikTok Exec


The pandemic whirlwind has reshaped everything, including customer service. But are we losing sight of what truly matters in contact centers now?

Donna Drehmann, Director of Customer Experience at Eargo, started her career in customer support and worked her way up to leadership roles at companies like Postmates, Asurion, and TikTok.

Drawing on her leadership in contact centers, she champions the power of expertly managing controllable aspects like training and quality assurance (QA) in the contact center to fuel ongoing explorations in customer experience improvement.

One of the critical themes Donna emphasizes is building trust with customers through transparency. She advises companies to show their customers how their feedback shapes business decisions, fostering a stronger, trust-based relationship.

Donna envisions a future where empowered agents use customer insights to create amazing experiences. She even offers tips for young professionals looking to join the customer experience revolution!

Donna’s insights highlight three crucial elements for contact center success: a strong focus on customers, meaningful investment in agent development, and making data-driven decisions.

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