Behind The Scenes Of Comcast’s Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is everywhere these days. But the idea of updating everything about how a company works and interacts with customers can be overwhelming. Comcast’s recent digital transformation shows that moving strategically and focusing on solutions customers love and employees champion can lead to great results.

Comcast has made a major push in the last few years to get to a level where customers love the brand. The goal of the company’s digital transformation was to solve traditional problems with technology and create an easy and consistent experience for customers.

Digital transformation is possible, even at large companies with standard processes. Scott McAllister, SVP Digital Transformation, narrowed the digital transformation down to four steps that proved incredibly successful for Comcast:

  1. Get senior level support. McAllister says it’s vital to have support from the CEO and other executives. At Comcast, the CEO was on board from the beginning. All executives in the company make two customer calls a month to discover customer pain points. Those calls showed leaders the importance of creating simple digital solutions for customers.
  2. Set clear objectives. Comcast started the journey with what it called a North Star metric: the percentage of customers who interact with the brand digitally. Tracking that single metric would show the success of the digital transformation. The number started in the low 60s% and is now up to the high 70s%.
  3. Get everyone in the company involved. It’s important to engage at each level of the organization to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. Comcast invited employees from all levels and divisions of the company to have a voice in the new digital experience. Involving everyone gave all employees buy-in and helped create digital products that represented all viewpoints.
  4. Create an initial focus on certain transactions. An entire digital transformation can be overwhelming, but McAllister recommends starting with the lowest-hanging fruit. For Comcast, that was bill pay. Figuring out how to transform the interaction and move bill pay to digital set the stage for the rest of the transformation. By solving one problem, the company could move more easily to other areas.
  5. Digital transformation is vital in today’s world to build customers who love the products and won’t go anywhere else. Digital solutions offer amazing opportunities to meet customer needs and deliver an experience that goes above and beyond.Comcast shows that involving everyone in the digital transformation creates internal champions and helps manage change. Although there will be bumps in the road, following these four basic steps to a digital transformation can keep your company on top of trends and first in customers’ minds.Blake Morgan is a keynote speaker, futurist and author of “More Is More.” Sign up for her weekly customer experience newsletter here

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