From B2B to B2C Thinking: Elevating Client Experience with Surbhi Kaul at Juniper Networks

From B2B to B2C Thinking: Elevating Client Experience with Surbhi Kaul at Juniper Networks


Exceptional customer experience (CX) isn’t just for B2C companies anymore. B2B organizations are now recognizing its vital role in their success. Surbhi Kaul, Vice President of Global Customer Experience at Juniper Networks, exemplifies this shift. With over 10,000 employees and $5 billion in annual revenue, Juniper Networks is at the forefront of networking innovation. Surbhi advises, “B2B companies must adopt a B2C mindset, focusing on consumer-oriented product development and prioritizing the customer’s experience with their product.”

B2B customer experience faces unique challenges, including a traditional focus on product over customer needs, transactional sales approaches, and the complexity of measuring CX’s impact due to intricate buying journeys and multiple stakeholders.

To navigate these challenges, B2B companies can employ four key strategies:

  1. Map the Customer Journey: Identify and improve every touchpoint.
  2. Gather Customer Sentiment Data: Use surveys and interviews to understand customer needs and frustrations.
  3. Develop a B2B CX Index: Measure and track customer experience to inform decision-making.
  4. Upskill Employees: Train staff in exceptional customer service, including communication and problem-solving skills.

Implementing these strategies helps build stronger relationships, foster loyalty, and drive business growth. By focusing on customer experience, B2B companies can achieve a competitive edge and ensure long-term success.

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