How Bank Of America Provides Personalized Digital Service To 55 Million Clients

Today’s customers demand personalized and convenient digital solutions. The challenge for brands comes when trying to provide a personalized digital experience at scale.

Bank of America is a leader in digital banking, largely because each of its 55 million digital clients has a unique and personalized experience. 

Ashley Ross, SVP, Consumer and Small Business Client Care Executive, says having a strong digital presence requires brands to stay close to the data.

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Bank of America surveys clients in real-time right after they interact with the bank, either digitally, on the phone, or in a physical store. That information is funneled back to the teams that manage each product or process so they can stay in tune with how customers use the product. With more than 50 million responses, the feedback provides a view of the entire customer journey to find opportunities to grow and areas for improvement.  

But data doesn’t mean focusing on big data sets. Ross says the modern digital experience pivots away from massive data sets to provide personalized experiences. It’s more about using that data for each individual customer than for the entire group as a whole. Instead of looking at a single customer journey that applies to every customer, brands should view the holistic experience for each person based on their feedback and usage data. 

Banking is a high-stakes industry where people are emotionally connected to the outcome. Bank of America has 55 verified digital users who expect flawless execution and continual innovation. Ross says Bank of America underwent significant digital growth and changes during the pandemic, and that growth continues. Across all products and processes, teams work together to continually invest in and innovate the digital experience. Bank of America involves people from the product, digital, customer service, and other teams to stitch together the entire customer journey. They frame the experience not in isolation but by looking at what the client is trying to do and then building tools to meet those outcomes.

One reason for Bank of America’s digital success is the mission behind the technology. Instead of building digital tools to check a box, the company uses tools to further its mission of making clients’ financial lives better. It’s not just about performing transactions—it’s about helping customers improve their financial lives. That mindset frames all decisions to build innovative, convenient, and accessible digital financial tools.

No matter if you have hundreds of customers or millions, digital tools provide an opportunity to connect with them individually and provide personalized service. By staying close to data, keeping the customers in mind, and involving the entire company, you can become a digital leader. 


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