How To Champion Your Customer Experience Programs With Better Public Speaking

How To Champion Your Customer Experience Programs With Better Public Speaking



The world of customer experience is constantly changing. To succeed, you need to give impressive presentations that win support for your customer programs. Jacqueline Farrington, author of “The Non-Obvious Guide to Better Presentations: How to Present Like a Pro (Virtually or in Person)”, shared her insights on the Modern Customer Podcast. Her tips can help you refine your presentation skills and champion your customer experience programs.

The Power of Communication

Farrington’s background is unique. She has experience in acting, teaching, and communication. This makes her a valuable voice in professional speaking. She says that public speaking, especially in business, is like a performance. You need to prepare, connect with your emotions, and truly understand your material. Don’t just give information. Inspire, motivate, and create a deeper connection with your audience.

Your Voice and Body Language Matter

How you use your voice and body language has a big impact on how your message is received. The way you speak can completely change the meaning of your words. So, it’s important to develop your vocal skills and use them strategically to enhance your presentations.

The Takeaway

The ability to deliver powerful presentations is more than just a skill; it’s essential for success in customer experience. By following Jacqueline Farrington’s advice, you can become a better advocate for your customer programs, get the support you need, and make a lasting impact on your audience. Remember, whether you’re speaking in person or virtually, the key to effective communication is preparation, adaptability, and a deep commitment to connecting with your audience. This will help you drive positive change in the world of customer experience.

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