The Math, The Magic And The Customer, With Bain

A new study from Bain & Company, “The Math, the Magic and the Customer,” found that inundated with troves of analytical data, today’s marketers often mistake the “algorithm” for the “person.”

Today’s marketers seem to have gotten so ROI-centric on every campaign, according to Bain, that they are missing out on some of the magic of engaging with and understanding customers. The report says that “Humans, after all, are pesky creatures. We make decisions with our hearts as well as our heads. Our wants and needs can’t always be reduced to, or predicted by, data.”

Today’s guest on The Modern Customer Podcast is Laura Beaudin, partner in Bain & Co’s San Francisco office who leads the firm’s digital, customer, strategy and marketing – as well as telecom and media practices could offer your listeners a fresh approach on how important it is to not get lost in the data and maintain connection to the customer as a “person.” I thought this might make for an interesting show topic as it addresses a dilemma facing marketers today and offers proven strategies to deal with it. To access the report click here.

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