More Innovation, Lower Costs: Inside FedEx’s Customer Experience Strategy

Gaining a customer is one thing. Keeping them is something else. 

Chris Goossens, SVP of Customer Experience at FedEx Europe, says the key to success is not just to make a customer but to grow with the customer.

But growing with customers and keeping up with increasing demand and challenges can be expensive. Many companies shy away from innovation because they see it as cost-prohibitive. 

That doesn’t have to be the case. Goossens says that leveraging technology and data can help companies innovate without skyrocketing costs.

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Thanks to new technology, FedEx is delivering innovative customer experiences while still reducing the cost to serve. Goossens says innovation in technology innovation and big data allows the organization to scale and provide amazing service to every customer, no matter the size or value of their shipment.

Through cloud technology, FedEx can be more transparent with customers about what’s happening with shipments, even down to providing real-time data about each parcel on an aircraft. If something goes amiss in the supply chain, FedEx is immediately notified and can intervene to still deliver the package on time. Instead of its previous reactive approach, FedEx can now be proactive and more customer-centric and provide information promptly. 

Every shipment is a customer. Because of breakthroughs in technology, AI, and big data, servicing every customer as an individual—even with millions of customers a day—is now possible. Cost used to force the company to focus on high-value customers, but leveraging technology and data allows FedEx to scale and serve all customers better.

Finding innovative applications of new technology also allows FedEx to expand into new areas, such as delivering information to customers. The company is collaborating with Microsoft to explore opportunities to provide customers with strong insights into their supply chains, which is a significant value-add to its traditional offerings. 

Goossens says establishing a partnership with customers and creating loyalty starts when the company adds value over and above the expected service. Customers expect FedEx to deliver their packages on time, but when the company can go above and beyond with additional information sharing and insights, it takes the customer experience to the next level. 

Stronger data insights also helps employees build relationships instead of solely focusing on transactions. As they dig into data and find patterns, they understand customers’ real needs and can provide even better service.

Delivering a top-tier customer experience requires continual innovation. By leveraging new technology, FedEx shows that innovation and expansion are possible without necessarily increasing costs. 

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