Navigating the Future of Customer Experience in the Automotive Industry: Insights from AutoCar Trucks' CXO

Navigating the Future of Customer Experience in the Automotive Industry: Insights from AutoCar Trucks’ CXO


The auto industry speeds through a transformation, driven by factors like electric vehicles, self-driving tech, and the increasing importance of customer experience.

Craig Antonucci, Chief Experience Officer at AutoCar Trucks discussed his company’s approach to customer experience and how they are leveraging AI to improve it. AutoCar Trucks, a manufacturer of heavy-duty vocational trucks, takes a unique approach by selling directly to consumers, giving them more control over the buying process and fostering closer relationships.

Antonucci pointed out that while product quality is crucial, they choose to compete on the customer experience. He emphasizes, “We’re looking at creating new ways of doing things because we are direct to consumer. We look at processes, people, technology, and finding creative ways to leverage those to create competitive advantages. Whether that’s how we deliver, where we deliver, who we deliver with, or what it feels like when we deliver it.”

As AI technology continues to evolve, its impact on the auto industry is likely to become even more significant. Companies like AutoCar Trucks are leading the way in exploring innovative applications of AI to create a more personalized, convenient, and satisfying customer experience.

With expectations skyrocketing and the industry shifting gears, AutoCar’s approach charts a course: prioritize innovation, understand your customers, and use technology ethically. These are the keys to forging lasting connections and winning the race in the transformed auto landscape.

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