Overcoming Customer Experience Challenges For B2B Companies

There’s a major challenge today facing every B2B company, and that’s customer engagement. Gallup has recently released a new guide discussing some of environmental factors causing B2B companies to ask themselves about their customer engagement strategy. The guide is based on in-depth interviews with hundreds of thousands of customers and analysis from measuring the engagement of 18 million customers. B2B companies need to work to be just as agile and ready as B2C companies when it comes to how they engage their customers—and how engaged those customers actually are. In this podcast I speak with Ed O’Boyle Gallup’s Global Practice Leader who oversees strategic vision for the company’s workplace and marketplace practices. Ed brings more than 18 years of marketing and branding experience to Gallup. He previously served in roles in brand management, strategic planning and innovation at Diageo, Capital One and Frito-Lay.

In this podcast you will learn:

  1. The biggest risk B2B companies face today
  2. Gain tips on how B2B companies do to improve customer engagement?
  3. How companies are playing defense because they don’t know what their customers want
  4. The social media strategies of leading B2B companies
  5. What successful global B2B have that others don’t

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