The Power of the First 100 Days: Keeping Customers and Employees Happy

The Power of the First 100 Days: Keeping Customers and Employees Happy


Retention is not just about keeping customers and employees; it’s about creating experiences so compelling that they never want to leave.

Joey Coleman, author of “Never Lose a Customer Again” and “Never Lose an Employee Again,” shares how to transform your approach to customer and employee retention using his First 100 Days methodology. He has worked with Whirlpool, Zappos, and Volkswagen Australia.

Joey shares why the first 100 days are crucial for shaping both customer experiences and employee retention:

  • Customers: Between 20% and 70% quit doing business within 100 days! Imagine the potential lost if we neglect this critical window.
  • Employees: The numbers are equally alarming. 50% of hourly workers and 22% of all new hires don’t last 100 days.

The Power of Intentional Experiences:

Coleman emphasizes the importance of designing, not just experiencing, the first 100 days. This means:

  • Proactive communication: Regularly checking in with customers and employees, addressing concerns, and reaffirming their decision to choose you.
  • Clear career pathing: Helping employees see their future growth within your organization motivates them to stay invested.
  • Skill development and recognition: Providing opportunities for growth and acknowledging achievements fosters engagement and loyalty.

Building a strong foundation early is crucial for long-term commitment. By strategically focusing on the first 100 days, you’re not just preventing churn, you’re building strong, trusting relationships that stand the test of time. Customers become loyal advocates, and employees become passionate brand ambassadors.

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