Unlocking the Power of Unreasonable Hospitality: Insights from Will Guidara

Unlocking the Power of Unreasonable Hospitality: Insights from Will Guidara


How can the concept of “Unreasonable Hospitality” reshape the landscape of customer experience within the contact center? In this podcast, Will Guidara, former co-owner of Eleven Madison Park restaurant and author of “Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More Than They Expect,” shares impactful business insights.

Will Guidara’s early introduction to the restaurant industry, influenced by his father’s career as a restaurateur, fostered a profound appreciation for the diverse world of hospitality. Amid his unwavering dedication to excellence, he emphasizes the importance of upholding a steady, even-tempered leadership style that fosters trust within the team.

The interplay of hospitality and excellence, thriving amidst their inherent tension, defines his remarkable success. In an industry prioritizing precision and service excellence, he skillfully harmonized these seemingly conflicting ideals. As he aptly articulates, “Hospitality and excellence are not inherently compatible; a tension exists between them. One emphasizes control, while the other champions empowerment. Our success emerged from navigating and leveraging that tension, not despite it. Often, individuals forsake one goal when confronted with conflicting objectives, inadvertently impeding innovation.”

Guidara’s perspective on “surprise and delight” as a revenue driver, rather than a mere expense, offers profound insight. He places substantial emphasis on the significance of investing in relationships and curating memorable moments for customers. His approach serves as a poignant reminder that exceptional customer experience can wield substantial influence in building brand loyalty and long-term success.

Will Guidara’s insights into hospitality, leadership, and customer service provide valuable lessons for businesses seeking to enhance their customer experience and build a customer-focused culture. His passion for going above and beyond to create exceptional moments serves as an inspiration for those aiming to deliver unreasonable hospitality.


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