Matt Watkinson, author and CEO of Methodical

Want to invest in Customer Experience? Question the Downside of Failure


Matt Watkinson, author and CEO of Methodical joins us to discuss how his experience navigating uncertainty can be used to create exceptional customer experiences.

The key to better customer experience? Design interactions that are easy and straightforward, and prioritize understanding your customers. Small businesses often excel at this due to direct interaction and flexibility.

Watkinson also discusses the ever-present uncertainty in business. Traditional decision-making assumes a predictable future, but that’s unrealistic. Instead, focus on minimizing downside risk.

Here’s one tip from Matt, “Stop trying to chase a guaranteed upside. And instead, ask yourself, what’s my downside? And if the downside is acceptable, get on with it. You can do so much better by saying, what’s my downside? Rather than saying, I must achieve this particular outcome at this particular time at this particular cost which pits you against uncertainty. If you just say, well, there’s basically no downside to trying, then your scope of opportunity, whether you’re serving a customer, whether you’re trying out new ideas for a website, whether you’re developing skills in your personal life, whether you’re, you know, networking or anything like that, your scope of opportunity expands drastically.”

Focus on creating value for your customers instead of seeking guaranteed gains.Embrace the uncertain world and focus on creating value for your customers. This shift can lead to a more responsive, adaptable business, and ultimately, happier customers.

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