Wharton Professor Stefano Puntani Offers Insights on Generative AI and Customer Experience Use Cases

Wharton Professor Stefano Puntoni Offers Insights on Generative AI and Customer Experience Use Cases


Generative AI, a rapidly evolving technology, is poised to revolutionize various aspects of business, particularly customer experience (CX). A GBK Collective study reveals that over 50% of U.S. senior executives have already embraced generative AI, and this trend is expected to accelerate.

Professor Stefano Puntoni, a leading marketing and AI expert at Wharton shared his insights on the impact of generative AI on CX during a recent podcast interview. He identified several promising applications, highlighting its potential to personalize interactions, streamline processes, and boost customer satisfaction.

“Technological advancements are accelerating,” Professor Puntoni asserts. “If the current pace of improvement continues, bots could soon outperform human sales and customer representatives by a significant margin.”

However, Professor Puntoni raises a crucial point: amassing vast amounts of data without a clear purpose is futile. He emphasizes the importance of gathering data that directly informs specific business decisions and caters to customer needs.

He even mentions an intriguing research project using AI to create “synthetic customers” for testing and feedback. This approach could offer invaluable insights into real-world customer behavior and preferences.

Professor Puntoni concludes by underlining the ethical considerations surrounding AI in CX. He stresses that AI should be used to enhance customer relationships, not exploit them. By prioritizing customer well-being and responsible development, AI can become a powerful tool for creating positive and enriching customer experiences.

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