What Modern Customers Want In a Real Estate Experience

To say the real estate market in 2021 is a wild ride would be an understatement.  

Anyone who has looked at buying or selling a home recently can understand the roller coaster of emotions in this crazy climate.  

But the ups and downs of real estate, especially in the current fast-moving state, require a special focus on relationships and customer experience.  

According to Deanna Haas, SVP of customer experience at SOLD.com, one of the biggest challenges for consumers navigating the real estate world is the abundance of options. Aside from the traditional ways of buying and selling homes, numerous alternatives are popping up that can also be great options. The challenge for people is to discover what option best meets their needs.  

Haas says that above anything else, modern real estate customers are looking for education and an unbiased perspective. Real estate is emotional. And while the numbers are important, Haas says consumers need more than just the data—there must also be a human side to the transaction.  

No matter how people choose to buy or sell their home, they want someone who is as invested in the experience as they are. With properties moving so quickly, it can be easy for sales to become routine for agents and companies. But each sale is unique for its buyers and sellers, who want their real estate professionals to take time to help them understand their options and be invested in the success of the transaction. Consumers want their feelings about real estate—both their fears and excitement—to be heard and acknowledged.   Personalization is crucial in customer experiences across all industries, and real estate is no different. Consumers want to have a personalized experience, especially as they make such a large and important purchase.   

Ultimately, Haas says consumers are looking for individual and memorable real estate experiences where they are valued and understood. Real estate is emotional and should be treated as more than black and white.  

And the need to deliver a strong experience will only increase–as the real estate industry continues to shift and evolve, understanding modern customers will become even more important.


Blake Morgan is the bestselling author of The Customer of the Future. Join the waitlist now for the new Customer Experience Community here. 

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