The Customer of the Future by Blake Morgan

The Customer of the Future

Learn how to adopt 10 easy-to-follow customer experience guidelines that integrate emerging technologies with effective strategies.

The Customer of the Future

10 Guiding Principles for Winning Tomorrow's Business

Tomorrow’s customers will insist on experiences that make their lives significantly easier and better. Companies will win their business not by just proclaiming that customer experience is a priority but by embedding a customer focus into every aspect of their operations. They’ll  understand how emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and analytics are changing the game and craft a strategy to integrate them into their products and processes. The Customer of the Future explains how today’s customers are already demanding frictionless, personalized, on-demand experiences from their products and services, and companies that don’t adapt to these new expectations won’t last. This book prepares your organization for these increas­ing demands.


Tom Wilson

Chairman, CEO, President,
The Allstate Corporation

“To win, businesses must create the future, not just react to trends. Blake Morgan shows how you can innovate your customer experience to leave competitors in the rear-view mirror.”

Beth Comstock

Author of Imagine it Forward,
former Vice Chair, GE

“We have to get used to change in our businesses to prepare for the customer of the future. Blake’s ten principles outlined in her new book will set you up in this new era of constant change.”

Moira Forbes

Executive Vice President,
Forbes Media

“The Customer of the Future is an insightful and practical guide to future-proofing your business through relentless focus on customer experience.”

More Is More

How the Best Companies Work Harder and Go Farther to Create Knock-Your-Socks-Off Customer Experiences

The phrase “less is more” may be true about many things, but it’s not true when it comes to customer experience. Companies that want to stay relevant must apply more energy, focus, and resources to creating knock-your-socks-off customer experiences than they ever did before. The companies that embrace a “more is more” philosophy work harder and go further to ensure that their customers have a positive experience. Companies that understand the importance of a relationship―even one individual relationship―are willing to go to any length to ensure that they continue to nurture that relationship. They do this through customer-focused strategies and leadership, via operations, policies, and procedures that consider how the customer will fare in every scenario. More Is More provides practical advice for building or improving customer experience that you can apply immediately at your own organization 

John Venhuizen

Chairman, CEO, President,
The Allstate Corporation

“More Is More, is a much deserved – and very practical anvil to the head for anyone in business who desires to differentiate by truly amazing the customer.”

Chris McCann

CEO, Inc.

“With real-life examples and highly readable prose, Blake provides a template to achieve this goal. If you are looking for more – read customer experience guru Blake Morgan’s book!”

Andreas von der Heydt

former Director of Kindle,

“Blake simplifies customer experience for her readers. Want a clear-cut approach to improving customer experience through self-service, machine learning and automation? Read this book!”