10 Pieces Of Advice From Customer Experience Experts

Most of the advice I get from the smartest leaders is through podcast interviews, and on my podcast The Modern Customer some of the most customer-centric leaders have shared their insights and proven methods with me. I wanted to share their insights with you.

To be the best, you have to learn from the best. Here are 10 best practices and pieces of advice from customer experience leaders:

1. Leverage cross-functional teams.

– Alicia Walters, CMO at Crate & Barrel

“I feel strongly that marketing teams should talk to people from other functions who are innovators. I’ve even pulled people from sister brands within the portfolio to give us a fresh perspective. It’s about getting a cross-functional team together. We also integrate our social and customer service teams as true voices of the customer. That’s the first place we go for weekly and daily reviews to look at comments, understand feedback, and leverage them to share brand messages.

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